Donald Waugh

London-born actor Donald Waugh shares the story of how one wrong decision led to his new life focus.

About Donald
Founded by Donald Waugh, P2C is his brain-child. After rising to stardom as one of the original cast members of Bugsy Malone, Grange Hill and Cats, with over 25 year’s experience, Donald’s passion lies firmly in acting and supporting the arts. Having experienced both sides of success in an industry he loves, Donald’s spent some time volunteering with Crisis, where he got the inspiration to harness creativity to help with rehabilitation.

Whilst working with the homeless over the past 8 year’s, Donald’s greatest reward has been his continued involvement with the arts world from a charity capacity and the potential of combining these two forces.

Some of his proudest achievements include being a co-founder of ‘The English club’ and voted ‘Volunteer of the Year 2008’.

Through his eyes:

“Working with and being homeless for a period of time has opened my eyes to the potential and talent within this un-tapped society. In this I have learned that the secret to helping yourself
is to help others. I still hold this very close to my heart today.

At Pavement2Catwalk we term ‘disability’ as either being homeless, suffering from addition or mental illness, or having a physical disability. People often live with one or more of these challenges, rarely in isolation.

I see P2C as a powerful, creative way of raising awareness of the potential in people with disabilities as another lifeblood of the modern-day community.”